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2022 National LCMS Youth

Houston, TX  July 9-13, 2022
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Tue October 25, 2022




October 23, 2022

Embers Meeting at

Mike Woods Park

November 09, 2022

Set Up Gingerbread Tree and Launch Gift Gathering

November 13, 2022

Embers Meeting

December 11, 2022

Embers Meeting

December 13, 2022

Gift Wrapping at

Gingerbread House


























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Welcome to
Embers Ministries
Spread the Fire


The Embers Ministries is a group of young individuals with their hearts set ablaze with the love of Christ Jesus. They operate out of Christ Lutheran of Shreveport, in efforts to spread the word of Christ to the community through various outreach programs. Our young adult group spends a majority of its time at local volunteer agencies such as the HUB Urban Ministries, Shriners, Food Bank of Louisiana, as well as numerous other agencies. Embers have also created a memorial service project known as the Forget Me Not Ministry, in which they visit local hospitals and commune with the children that are in them for the long haul. Embers Ministries Group also reaches out through various forms of group activities. These activities keep our young adults burning with the love for their fellow man, as well as the aforementioned burning love for Christ. The Embers are always looking for people who would like to share in this amazing life changing experience, and would invite any visitors to feel free to join them in any of these various activities.

Imagine young people being
not wanting to be a dying breed left only to the imagination...


We are The Embers Ministries - Spread the Fire



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